Dedicated Trainer II - CR

Position Overview

Direct and provide training to all production personnel, maintain training records, provide training materials in accordance with the quality system, and support Production as established by the company. Generate ideas and work on improvement processes, assist in research when required, and generate reports for decision making based on data. Job duties:
  • Provide operational training to Production Operators.
  • Conduct and ensure adequate training follow-up.
  • Apply training packages as a requirement for certification.
  • Pass certifications of Production Operators.
  • Perform training in changes of manufacturing procedures, quality procedures, CFs, and BRs, among others.
  • Perform recertifications as appropriate. Apply induction in the production area.
  • Make changes to training packages when there are changes in manufacturing procedures.
  • Coordinate cross-training on production lines.
  • Ensure the standardization of manufacturing procedure techniques.
  • Follow up in improvement of techniques for scrap reduction.
  • Generate improvement projects.
  • Generate reports for decision making based on data.
  • Assist supervisor in investigations.
  • Maintain optimal customer satisfaction rates as agreed with Production.
  • Control non-operational refreshment trainings and recertifications as appropriate.
  • Assist in changes of procedures such as continuous improvement of the line.
  • Perform additional functions as assigned.

Job Details

Job ID 11955BR

Alajuela, Costa Rica

    1. Bachelor's degree in secondary education.
    2. Expert in "Clean Room" regulations, good manufacturing practices (GMPs), and good documentation practices (GDPs).
    3. Proficient with Microsoft Office.
    4. Minimum of one (1) year of experience in MV training department.
    5. Knowledge of mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and specifications and percentages.
    6. Knowledge, use, and maintenance of measuring equipment such as balances, rulers, and measurement system and their care. Able to explain and train in the use and care of instruments.
    7. Experience in assembly work under microscope in a medical device company.
    8. Interpretation of plans and their tolerances.
    9. Basic knowledge of "Lean Manufacturing".
    10. Be an expert in all production line operations.
    11. Have implemented at least one idea for improvement.
    12. No warnings for at least one (1) year.
    13. Must have received an above-average performance evaluation.
    Desired Qualifications
    1. Ability to perform assembly work with small, detailed parts using a microscope, vision system, and/or other related automated equipment.
    2. Possess good communication skills to transmit knowledge efficiently, give effective trainings and provide information to supervisors in relation to production problems and progress of trainings.
    3. Knowledge of the techniques to carry out product quality assessments.
    4. Comprehension of basic mathematics, specifications, percentages, reading and interpretation of plans. Able to calculate basic indicators.
    5. Management of basic measurement techniques such as balances, rulers, and measurement system and their care. Able to explain the use and care of instruments.
    6. Ability to follow and explain company procedures. Be a role model.
    7. Proactive and analytical.
    8. Able to work with little supervision, understand guidelines and follow them.
    9. Understand hierarchies and follow them, use correct escalation channels.
    10. Good personal relationships.
    11. Strong written and verbal communication skills.
    12. Expert in the production line.
    13. Possess customer service disposition