Upcoming Events

January 15-20, 2023Val d'Isere, FR

ABC-WIN 2023

Anatomy-Biology-Clinical correlations - Working group in Interventional Neuroradiology

February 8-10, 2023Dallas, USA

ISC 2023

The International Stroke Conference is the world’s premier meeting dedicated to the science and treatment of cerebrovascular disease and brain health. From forming multiple, life-long collaborations with the best minds in the profession to hearing the very latest big trial results to the exceptional education and science.

March 30-2, 2023Sydney, Australia


Australian & New Zealand Society of Neuroradiology

March 16-17, 2023Miami, USA

LINNC Americas 2023

Live Interventional Neuroradiology, Neurology & Neurosurgery Course

April 21-24, 2023Los Angeles, USA

AANS 2023

American Association of Neurological Surgeons

April 11-14, 2023Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

WLNC 2023

World Live Neurovascular Conference

June 25-28, 2023Wyoming, USA

3C 2023

Cerebrovascular Complications Conference

June 5-7, 2023Paris, France

LINNC Paris 2023

Interventional Neuroradiology, Neurology and Neurosurgery

July 31-4, 2023San Diego, USA

SNIS 2023

Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery

September 9-13, 2023Washington DC, USA

CNS 2023

Congress of Neurological Surgeons

September 4-6, 2023Marseilles, France


European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy

October 13-15, 2023Hong Kong, China


Asian-Australasian Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology

February 9-11, 2022New Orleans, USA

ISC 2022

International Stroke Conference 2022

March 28-29, 2022Miami, USA

LINNC Americas 2022

LINNC Seminar is the American meeting of the LINNC family of neuroradiology and neurosurgery seminars.

March 15-17, 2022Essen, DE

ALICE 2022

ALICE (Advanced Live International Course of Essen) 2022

March 10-13, 2022Sydney, AU


On behalf of the Australian & New Zealand Society of Neuroradiology and the Scientific Committee of ANZSNR 2022 we would like to invite you to participate in the 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting to be held 10-13 March 2022.

April 29-2, 2022Philadelphia, USA

AANS 2022

American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) Annual Scientific Meeting

April 24-29, 2022Val d'Isere, FR

AVM-WIN 2022

5th World AVM Congress 2022 & ABC-WIN 2022 Joint Meeting

April 13-14, 2022Montpellier, FR

SLICE Next Frontiers 2022

SLICE Next Frontiers, innovative content adapted for practical aspects.

May 30-1, 2022Paris, FR

LINNC Paris 2022

LINNC will bring together new international experts, live Centers, new Technologies and you, our community of LINNC specialists in a vibrant congress where we can deepen and exchange clinical ideas freely.

May 11-13, 2022Washington, DC, USA

WLNC 2022

WLNC (World Live Neurovascular Conference) 2022

June 26-29, 2022Teton Village, USA

3C Peer Review 2022

3C (Cerebrovascular Complications Conference) 2022

July 25-29, 2022Toronto, CA

SNIS 2022

SNIS 19th Annual Meeting & Fellows Course 2022

August 21-25, 2022Kyoto, JP

WFITN 2022

16th Congress of World Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology

September 7-9, 2022Nice, FR


The European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy

October 8-12, 2022San Francisco, USA

CNS 2022

2022 Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) Annual Meeting, “Neurosurgery Connected"

November 16-19, 2022Los Angeles, CA

SVIN 2022

2022 Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology

December 6-7, 2022Singapore


The not-to-be-missed Asian meeting for interventional neuroradiology, neurology and neurosurgery community is back on December 6 & 7, 2022 in Singapore!