Product Benefits

The FRED™ device is the first flow diverter in the U.S. to use a self-expanding braided nitinol mesh to help re-direct blood flow and promote aneurysm occlusion. The unique interwoven nitinol design of the FRED™ device allows for smooth delivery to the target aneurysm, as well as reliable opening and vessel wall apposition, resulting in high treatment durability. 


The FRED™ device has been CE marked since 2013, safely used in nearly 20,000 procedures, and published in numerous clinical studies around the world. The FRED™ device pivotal study adds new evidence to the large existing body of global clinical data, further demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of the device.



  • Innovative and elegant device design results in easy device sizing, deployment, and device opening

  • Consistent device opening and ability to recapture and reposition for precise placement

  • Dual action design provides vessel wall stability and conformance for effective flow diversion

FRED 27 System Animation

FRED 21 System Animation

*The blue wire denotes the radiopaque stent body material that integrates both stent layers

*The blue wire denotes the radiopaque stent body material that integrates both stent layers


Product Compatibility:

The FRED™ device is available in both 27 and 21 systems depending on implant diameter. The FRED 27 system is delivered through the 0.027” Headway™ 27 Microcatheter. The FRED™ 21 system is designed to be delivered through the 0.021” Headway™ 21 Microcatheter. The SOFIA™ family of catheters can be used for tri-axial support.

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