Position Overview

The Logistics Specialist will manage medical device imports and appropriate inventory levels in China, review SAP system and assist with daily systems operations. They will be involved in monitoring inventory, import status review, as well as maintaining and expediting the product availability in China. Will support customer service, order fulfillment and shipping / invoicing / documentation to support the distributors and sales/marketing teams in China. 物流专员将负责管理中国的医疗器械进口和保持适当的库存水平,审查SAP系统并协助日常系统操作。将参与监控库存,进口状态审核,以及维护和加快产品在中国的供应。将支持客户服务,订单履行和运输/发票/文件管理,以支持中国的分销商和销售/市场团队。Job duties:
  • Works directly with MVI Corporate Supply Chain, MV China’s customer service, sales/marketing teams and distributors to support product import, inventory availability and logistical distribution in China.直接与MVI公司供应链、MV中国的客户服务、销售/市场团队和分销商合作,支持产品进口、库存供应和物流配送。
  • Supports MVI Supply Chain departmental policies, workflows and procedures and contributes to logistics import operations.支持MVI供应链部门政策、工作流程和程序,并为物流进口业务做出贡献。
  • Resolves problems relating to import transportation, logistics systems, and master-distributor issues.解决与进口运输、物流系统和总经销商相关的问题。
  • Supports implementation of SAP. Collaborates with other departments to integrate logistics with business systems or processes.支持SAP的实施。与其他部门合作,整合物流与业务系统或流程。
  • Identifies problems and inefficiencies in logistics processes; presents and implements enhancements and solutions to address these issues.识别物流流程中的问题和低效率;提出并实施改进和解决方案以解决这些问题。
  • Ability to assist with routine audits and reporting.能够协助日常审计和报告。
  • Regularly reports inventory status, expected shortages and resolves local China issues related with product availability and distribution. Monitors and communicates to distributors and/or sales/marketing teams inventory levels, production/delivery schedules and issues by working with MVI Supply Chain.定期报告库存状况,预计短缺,并解决与产品供应和分销相关的中国当地问题。通过与MVI供应链合作,监控和沟通经销商和/或销售/市场团队的库存水平、生产/交货计划和问题。
  • Additional duties and responsibilities as assigned.上级交办的其他任务。

    1. Over 5 years of experience in logistics import management, inventory and supply chain management.5年以上物流进口管理、库存及供应链管理经验。
    2. Knowledge of business operations in the area of import management, inventory management, etc.具有进口管理、库存管理等方面的业务知识。
    3. High levels of computer skills.熟练使用计算机。
    4. Excellent writing, editing, communication and interpersonal skills.优秀的写作、编辑、沟通和人际交往能力
    5. Highly accountable, able to withstand work pressure and complete work independently. Ability to leverage resources to solve problems and manage initiatives and projects.强烈的工作责任心;能承受工作压力,独立自主完成工作,有利用资源解决问题的能力以及高度的执行能力。
    6. Excellent English in reading, writing and speaking.优秀的的英文读写说能力
    Desired Qualifications
    1. Working experience at multi-national companies.跨国公司工作经验
    2. Medical device logistics import experience, inventory management experience.有医疗器械物流进口经验,有库存管理经验。
    3. Good communication, interpersonal and presentation skills.良好的沟通、人际关系和表达能力。