Position Overview

This Chemist must use technical skills and knowledge of engineering/scientific concepts, procedures and standards to define, clarify and/or create chemical programs and standards. This individual will be responsible to ensure compliance with national regulation and site safety/industrial hygiene procedures and guidelines related with chemical management, hazards communications, exposure assessments and waste management. Job duties:
  • Ensure compliance with national regulation and MicroVention guidelines related to Chemical Management.
  • Develop and ensure compliance with precursors program, including Import/Purchases annual permit renewal and monthly reports.
  • Develop and deliver chemical handling/best practices trainings for the employees that handle chemical substances.
  • Develop site chemical use/purchase approval process.
  • Create industrial hygiene program to execute periodic chemical exposure assessments.
  • Responsible for hazardous waste management program and waste storage facility operation.
  • Ensure, communicate and raise employee’s awareness for the use, handling, storage, and transportation of hazardous chemicals around the facilities.
  • Develop and ensure compliance with environmental programs and guidelines according with site requirements and national regulation.
  • Ensure the appropriate management of biohazard and ordinary waste.
  • Follow up on environmental external regency visits and actions required for closure.
  • Ensure compliance with CFZ guidelines regarding water treatment practices and operational reports.
  • Execute chemical permits and documentation required for local purchases and imports.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
    1. Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from an accredited university.
    2. One to three (1 to 3) years of experience as Chemical Engineer or related field.
    3. Currently registered with the Chemical professional college.
    4. Experience in the medical Industry is preferred.
    5. Minimum English level 50%.
    Desired Qualifications
    1. Innovation sense.
    2. Ability to work closely with site managers and Legal department.
    3. Ability to self-direct.
    4. Detail oriented with strong prioritization skills.