Position Overview

Responsible for national-wide bidding for tenders, national and regional insurance registrations, price management, tender platform management and group purchases.负责全国范围内招标准入、医保注册、价格管控、各省平台维护、带量采购. Job duties:
  • Responsible for bidding management with distributors.与HTDK一起负责中国市场销售产品的各项招标工作。
  • Selects, assesses, trains, develops and retains bidding specialists. Manages and coaches the bidding team and instructs their work.甄别、评估、培训、发展和保持招标专员。管理和辅导招标团队,指导招标工作的开展。
  • Collects and analyzes relevant policies for bidding, centralized procurement and online bargaining in various provinces and cities.收集和分析各个省市招投标、集中采购、挂网议价等相关政策.
  • Establishes standardized bidding processes, monitors tenders and maintains database to ensure consistent and accurate bidding.建立规范的招标工作流程以及数据库,确保招标信息的一致性和准确性。
  • Interprets tender requirements, proposes bidding strategy and makes recommendations for tender pricing decision processes.标书解读以及招标策略制定,参与定价决策
  • Leads the bidding team to manage all paperwork related to bidding in tenders. Prepares and reviews bidding documents. Helps obtain tender approvals and maintains/updates tenders.带领招标团队负责招标文件的准备,包括但不限于招投标资料的整理撰写;标书的制作及审阅;中标,中标以后的信息维护和更新。
  • Directly responsible for provincial-level bidding.直接负责省标的招标工作;
  • Analyzes industry information, competitive product price information, market trends and tender data. Formulates and implements overall bidding strategies and regional tender plans.从招标的角度分析行业信息、竞品价格信息和市场趋势;分析招标数据,制定并执行整体招标策略以及区域招标计划
  • Monitors prices after tenders and manages tender platforms.招标后管理:价格管控、招标平台信息维护
  • Registers MV products in the national and regional insurance programs.国家医保以及地方医保产品信息注册
  • Additional duties and responsibilities as assigned.上级交办的其他任务。
    1. Bachelor’s degree in medicine, pharmacy, biology, chemistry, biomedical engineering, etc.本科,医学、药学、生物、化学、生物医学工程等方面背景;
    2. Familiar with the government bidding process, >5 years of proven experience in bidding for the pharmaceutical or medical device industry, and certain government affairs experience; understand relevant policies and regulations of medical device industry.熟悉政府招投标流程,5年以上经证明的药品或医疗器械行业招投标工作经验,以及一定的政府事务方面的经验;了解医疗器械行业相关政策法规;
    3. Highly accountable. Able to withstand work pressure and complete work independently. Able to leverage resources to solve problems, implement strategies and accomplish objectives.强烈的工作责任心;能承受工作压力,独立自主完成工作,有利用资源解决问题的能力以及高度的执行能力;
    4. Strong communication skills. Logical thinking. Able to effectively debate/negotiate with and persuade others.优秀的沟通表达能力,逻辑思维强,说服力强;
    5. Managerial experience with a team of >=5 persons.大于5人规模的团队管理经验;
    6. Basic English in reading, writing and speaking.基本的英文读写说能力;
    Desired Qualifications
    1. Multi-national company working experience. 跨国公司工作经验
    2. Interventional medical device bidding experience. Experience in the neurovascular field is preferable 有介入等耗材招标经验者优先
    3. Good communication and presentation skills.良好的沟通和表达能力