Position Overview

The Senior Production Planner is a supply chain professional able to interpret and balance requirements and capacity, move priorities in the manufacturing system and inform different stakeholders in the supply chain.

This professional has the ability to lead company projects with cross functional groups in different sites that impact business growth and/or business continuity; and show leadership ability to manage groups and guide employees towards their goals. Also, he/she demonstrates the company values in their daily operation, activities and relationships. Job duties:
  • Able to lead projects of efficiency and process improvement. Get approval from different departments about next steps.
  • Manage capacity for data analysis and tracking/map of units throughout the system/ERP.
  • Able to identify gaps in the planning/manufacturing process to improve lead time, flow or output.
  • Manage expectations from planning stakeholders. Able to balance supply and demand information thru the chain.
  • Interpret business needs and rules; and manufacturing capabilities to take best allocation of inventory.
  • Ensure the production plans are aligned with the customer and inventory needs by reviewing and providing feedback to the production planners for SKUs not required for the supply planning.
  • Provide planning schedule information to different departments for their different needs and estimates of equipment’s or resources by buckets of units and families for next weeks, months or quarters.
  • Ensure product on hold is classified and treated in the proper manner by expediting the release of any unit on hold and monitor status of each product on hold to update business with dates and schedules.
  • Manage planning clerk departments, their needs and expectations and ensure the supply of BRs and documents to the production floor is delivered in the right manner.
  • Weekly and monthly review of schedule adherence with the proper justification for deviations. The report and review are based on agreed limits for success.
  • If people management assigned, ensure direct reports are on target with their goals in terms of quality, safety and efficiency. Also look for improvement efficiency and proper reporting.
  • Ensure production plan can be sustained with the supply of raw material by shared communication with the procurement department.
  • Manage proper working in process in terms of part ID and amount that meets production lead time and support the line goal. Ensure orders and products do not get behind in the line causing potential back order to the customers.
  • Develop monthly plans based on global capacity and requirements and break it down on families and sub families that allow a proper track of the production plan to meet the agreed goal for the period.
  • Lead communication in manufacturing about changes on capacity or requirements for line and provide information in detail about the changes.
  • Manage testing/special orders and validation plan for any new improvement or product on the lines. Classify the project in the correct type, meet the expected dates and properly communicate the plan to the stake holders. Include management of built at risk material.
  • Manage WIP for finish goods and sub-assemblies based on lines goals that show units released to production are within the limits.

    1. Bachelor’s degree in related field, certification on supply chain or related field to the supply chain function such as Production, Quality or Engineering.
    2. Minimum 5 years of experience in related field.
    Desired Qualifications
    1. Supply Chain, Quality Certifications. SQL, Data base management.