Heavy Truck Driver

Position Overview

Drives, delivers and picks up sterile loads daily and assists in the Warehouse Department as needed. Job duties:
  • Drive the truck from building B33 to building B13 and collect recycling daily.
  • Perform inventory movements twice a day with the truck between warehouses, from building B33 to building B13 to meet the needs of a clean room.
  • Bring the product that leaves the clean room to sterilization, collect it in pre-sterilization, check that all the product is complete and in good condition, deliver the product to the companies that provide said service to MicroVention and execute the returns of these companies to MicroVention. It is required to make a minimum daily shipment and return.
  • Send raw materials and chemicals to the company in Athens that supports MicroVention, return the product that the company provides to MicroVention twice a week minimum.
  • Collect product three times a week from Confluent in the Free Zone and deliver to MicroVention building B33.
  • Calibrate the cleanroom machines to the company in Zapote that provides the service to MicroVention and execute the return of calibrated machines bi-weekly.
  • Take care of imports by picking up the product that arrives at Fiscal Warehouse in Alajuela, Heredia or San José and deliver it to MicroVention.
  • Collaborate in exports bringing finished product of MicroVention to Warehouse Terminal in Alajuela, Heredia or San José.
  • Performs additional responsibilities as assigned.

Job Details

Job ID 11516BR

Alajuela, Costa Rica

    1. Transport goods including raw materials and finish goods between Microvention sites.
    2. Transport finish goods from Microvention sites to sterilizers and vice versa and check that all the product is complete and in good condition,
    3. Transport goods from Microvention sites to suppliers and vice versa.
    4. Transport goods including raw material, equipment and finish goods from bonded warehouses to Microvention sites.
    5. Transport Finish goods from Microvention sites to Export terminals.
    6. Pick up the finish goods at the warehouse, deliver
    7. Comply with applicable Laws and Regulations, adhere to Quality Management System processes and requirements as well as demonstrate Ethics and Integrity in all matters and at all levels throughout the organization.
    8. Perform additional duties, as assigned.
    Qualification Requirements
    1. Middle School (Educación secundaria. Mínimo noveno año)
    2. Minimum of five (2) years driving experience.
    3. Commercial Driving/delivery experience required.
    4. Up- to -date B3 Costa Rica Driver’s License with excellent driving record.
    5. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
    6. . Detail oriented.
    7. Computer skills and knowledge of MS Office, Outlook and Excel a plus
    8. Manual and mechanical Material Handling Equipment preferred (pallet jacks, forklift)