Position Overview

Responsible for market and sales management in Heilongjiang, supporting market brand building and product promotion.

Develop, maintain, and manage sales channels; establish and maintain KOL and key account relationship within the region.

Assist regional manager to schedule and implement regional marketing plan according to company requirements.

Collect market, competitors, and industry information.

Job Duties
  • Responsible for the government bidding admittance work of MV products within the region. 负责MV产品在所管辖区域的各项政府招标准入工作
  • Collect and analyze relevant policies of various provinces and cities, such as bidding, centralized procurement, and net price negotiation, and directly take charge of provincial tender work. 收集和分析省市招投标、集中采购、挂网议价等相关政策,直接负责省标的招标工作。与代理公司一同处理区域内招标工作
  • Sales channel construction and management, including distributor sales target assessment, sub-dealer sales training, logistics and distribution process management, price control, and participate in sales policy formulation. 销售渠道的建设和管理,包括经销商销售目标考核、经销商销售人员的培训、物流配送流程的管理、价格管控、参与销售政策制定
  • Analyze and integrate industry information, competitive product information and market trends. Analyze sales data, develop, and implement business development plan for corresponding area. 分析和整合行业信息、竞品信息和市场趋势;分析销售数据,制定并执行相应区域的业务拓展计划
  • Develop and maintain customer relationships and technical support and establish good long-term academic and business relationships with key customers. 发展并维护客户关系及技术支持,与关键客户建立长期良好学术及业务关系
  • Support academic promotion, product promotion, conference support, and other market brand building within the region. 支持区域内学术推广、产品推广以及会议支持等市场品牌建设
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by superior. 上级交办的其他任务
    1. College education or above with medical, pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, or biomedical engineering background.本科以上学历,医学、药学、生物、化学、生物医学工程等方面背景;
    2. At least five (5) years of working experience in pharmaceutical or medical device industry, and some government experience; familiar with relevant policies and regulations of medical device industry.5年以上药品或医疗器械行业工作经验,以及一定的政府事务方面的经验;了解医疗器械行业相关政策法规。
    3. Strong sense of responsibility; be able to work under pressure, complete work independently, and solve problems with resources; management, logic, communication and adjustment, implementation, and operation abilities.较强工作责任心;能承受工作压力,独立自主完成工作,有利用资源解决问题的能力,管理能力,逻辑能力、沟通调节能力、实施运作能力。
    4. Strong compliance awareness.强烈的合规意识
    Desired Qualifications
    1. At least five (5) years of working experience in multinational company and distributor management experience. 5年以上跨国公司工作经验以及经销商管理经验
    2. Experience in consumables market and sales is preferred. 有介入等耗材市场及销售经验者优先
    3. In terms of sales, possess strong market development ability, keen judgment, and expression ability. 销售方面具备较强的市场开拓能力及敏锐的判断力和表达能力