Position Overview

Direct and coordinate activities concerned with production planning of company product(s), utilizing knowledge of product mix, production methods and procedures. In addition, establish sequence and lead time of each operation to meet shipping dates according to build plan or customer orders. Job duties:
  • Manage the daily, weekly and monthly production plan with the correct quantities of each SKU, schedule in the proper time to meet the customers’ orders or inventory target.
  • Validate production run rates that optimize output and mix by product family or type that adhere to the capacity model.
  • Ensure the production plans are aligned with the customer and inventory needs by reviewing and providing feedback to the supply analyst for SKUs not required for the supply planning.
  • Ensure production plan can be sustained with the supply of raw material by shared communication with the procurement department.
  • Manage the sub assembly plan for all SKUs required to fulfill the finish goods plan based on the product structure, the line capacity and the lead time linked to each sub assembly.
  • Manage proper working in process in terms of part ID and amount that meets production lead time and support the line goal. Ensure orders and products does not get behind in the line causing potential back order to the customers.
  • Develop monthly plans based on global capacity and requirements; and break it down on families and sub families that allow a proper track of the production plan to meet the agreed goal for the period.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly report the production and plan performance by product family and category, to identify and understand the gaps and take actions required to adjust to the proper direction.
  • Manage and report key performance metrics like schedule adherence.
  • Communicate to manufacturing about changes on capacity or requirements for line and provide information in detail about the changes.
  • Communicate, project backorder and prepare mitigation plan when any production line or product family is affected by any issue that may cause disruption on the supply.
  • Track changes, plan performances and reasons for differences or accuracy on monthly plans by comparisons month over month of plan versus execute and planm+1 versus planm.
  • Manage testing/special orders and validation plan for any new improvement or product on the lines. Include management of built at risk material.
  • Manage WIP for finish goods and sub-assemblies based on lines goals that shows units released to production are within the limits.
  • Perform additional duties as assigned.

    1. Recently graduated Bachelor’s degree in related field or equivalent combination of education and or experience.
    2. Proficient with MS Word, Excel and Outlook.
    Desired Qualifications
    1. Supply Chain, Quality Certifications.
    2. SQL, Data base management