Providing the tools and technologies for best-in-class patient care is a core element at Terumo Corporation. Everyday Associates work tirelessly to design, manufacture, test, and market devices that offer lifesaving solutions to Physicians around the world. Terumo commemorates these efforts each year with its annual Patients’ Day; a celebration of the people our products assist and the work our Associates do. Patients’ Day is celebrated by Terumo’s various subsidiaries worldwide.

MicroVention celebrated its 5th Annual Patients’ Day on January 9th, 2018 with a visit from Bev & Norm Nicholson. The 76-year old mother of three and grandmother of twelve was a widow for ten years before meeting her second husband, Norm, just six years ago. Together they split their summer months between homes in Minnesota and North Dakota, tending to their gardens and making their hobby farm thrive through the long North Dakota summer days. During winter, they migrate like many of their friends south to Texas, where Bev became dizzy in January 2017.

The headaches led Bev to a neurologist in Texas and she was soon feeling better. In fact, her headaches briefly subsided with the help of medication and she was soon headed back to Minnesota. But her symptoms quickly returned once back home, and it wasn’t long before subsequent doctor’s visit led to her being diagnosed with an unruptured aneurysm. On August 31st Bev’s aneurysm was treated with MicroVention’s LVIS® Jr. Coil Assist Stent, MicroPlex® and HydroCoil® Coil Systems, Headway® 17 Micro-catheter, and Traxcess® Guidewire.

Soon, Bev was home and recovering rapidly as she waited for her winter trip to Texas. “I love Minnesota, but I like being where it is warm,” she smiled and nodded, grateful for life and for all the people at MicroVention who provided the tools that helped treat her aneurysm. Yes, this may be her best winter yet.

President & CEO Rich Cappetta relayed the significance of Patients’ Day after Bev & Norm’s visit: “Our 5th Annual Patients’ Day not only celebrates Bev, but it also recognizes the MicroVention Associates who are working each day to make products that may improve patient lives.”