The meeting will gather renowned experts from all over the world, from all pertinent backgrounds and specialties, as well as the new generation with revolutionary ideas to address current and future challenges in the management of CNS vascular malformations.

The International Organizing Committee is working on the program to make the event memorable, with ample room for vascular anatomy and fundamental research, case reports and complications, opinions and clinical trials.

Specific sessions will be dedicated to basic and applied sciences, posterior fossa and spinal cord AVMs, imaging and neuro-navigation, the design of clinical trials, new approaches ‘from the back door’, complications (if they ever occur!), as well as the too often neglected peri-AVM environment: the brain, family and surrounding society!

Neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuroradiologists, radiation oncologists, students, researchers, engineers, technicians, nurses, and patients are invited to contribute.