Product Benefits

The SOFIA™ EX  Intracranial Support Catheter is designed to provide the ideal combination of excellent trackability and extra stability, for precise delivery of treatment devices. It allows for smooth navigation to the desired target location and consistent stability for deploying and resheathing devices with minimal tip movement. 1 2 

  • Soft distal tip designed for easy navigation through tortuous anatomy, enabling the SOFIA™ EX Catheter to provide support close to the treatment site.

  • Minimal tip movement when deploying and re-sheathing treatment devices. Supportive proximal section with many gradual transition zones and kink resistant construction provide consistent support for device delivery.


Product Compatibility:

The SOFIA™ EX 058 Catheter is the recommended intracranial support catheter for the delivery of the WEB™ Aneurysm Embolization System and the FRED™ Flow Re-direction Endoluminal Device. The SOFIA™ EX 058 Catheter is designed to work seamlessly with Headway and VIA Microcatheters. The SOFIA™ EX 058 Catheter is compatible with a Long Sheath/Guide Catheter with an ID of 0.074” or larger.

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