Product Benefits

Braided with Nitinol – Platinum DFT (Drawn Filled Tube) wire, the LVIS EVO stent provides full visibility of every single wire under fluoroscopy, reliable support to the coil mass, and flexible braids that allow for optimized opening and advanced techniques.

  • DFT wire makes every wire visible under fluoroscopy.

  • 17 – 28% metal coverage provides reliable support to the coil mass.

  • The flexible braided design ensures the stent opening and wall apposition, and allows for the advanced techniques, for example “shelf” or “shouldering” technique.


Product Compatibility:

The LVIS™ EVO™ Device is compatible with the Headway™ 17 Microcatheter, Scepter C™, and Scepter XC™ Occlusion Balloons.

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    Working length = Total length – 1 mm