On September 17, 2021, 100 years will have passed since Terumo’s foundation.

Its debut product, the domestically produced safe, high-quality thermometer, was launched on the market in the hope of delivering it to as many people as possible.

Under the corporate mission; Contributing to Society through Healthcare, we have since continually supported the medical arena worldwide with our innovative developments and quality, while working side by side with medical professionals active at the most critical point of human life.

Now, 100 years later, by coincidence, the world is facing once again a new and major challenge.

With our mission in mind, Terumo will, without resting on its laurels, continue to challenge the limits of medicine for further improvement of the medical care of tomorrow, through our passionate commitment for another 100 years.

“Stride Ahead” encompasses our belief that big steps forward will lead to a better future for medicine.

We are Terumo.