Product Benefits

Family of soft complex and helical coils with the familiarity of bare platinum and the proven benefits of hydrogel technology

  • The HydroSoft family of coils are soft, allowing for easy placement of hydrogel at the aneurysm neck for versatile treatment of small and ruptured aneurysms

  • Hydrogel core expands to provide a uniform scaffold for neointimal growth and additional volumetric filling of the aneurysm

  • Hydrogel coils have a similar safety profile as bare platinum coils, while demonstrating lower rates of aneurysm recurrence and retreatment1 


Product Compatibility:

Compatible with Headway™ DUO Microcatheter, Headway™ 21 Microcatheter, Headway™ 17 Microcatheter

V-Trak™ Advanced

V-Trak™ Advanced

MicroVention’s coils feature the V-Trak Advanced delivery system and are detached using the V-Grip® Detachment Controller

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  1. 1

    Taschner CA., Chapot R., Costalat V., et al. Second-Generation Hydrogel Coils for the Endovascular Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms - A Randomized Controlled Trial. Stroke 2018; 49: 667-674